If you’ve been injured, hurt on the job, accused of a crime or are facing a domestic/family related legal issue, you need an attorney with experience who will fight hard for you.

For over 20 years, I have been representing good people like you who are facing difficult circumstances in a legal system that can seem daunting.  I have helped numerous folks navigate the complex system and obtain justice. I will help you.  Although one can never guarantee a particular result, I can guarantee that in every case you will get my absolute best effort each and every day.  Your case is very important to you and I vow to treat it with that same importance.

Your case will never be handled by a paralegal or legal assistant.  When you hire ME, you get ME!  I will go to court with you; I will take your phone calls; I will answer your questions and I will be available to you always.  If I can’t talk to you right away, rest assured that your phone call will be returned just as soon as possible.  Failure to communicate with clients is listed as the #1 complaint clients have about their lawyer.  You will not have that problem.

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